Protective equipment

High quality protective mask with nose clip 

Quality Protective Mask (OP)

This model is a multi-layer oronasal protective mask with a good price-performance ratio. It has a very good filter performance and can be individually adapted to every face thanks to the built-in nose clip. Thus it offers good protection against the transmission of droplets.
  • Artikelnr.: 120-F002
  • Mund-Nasen Schutzmaske (OP-Maske)
  • Nicht-wiederverwendbar (NR)
  • Mindestbestellmenge: 4.000 Stück
  • Zertifikat: Konformitätserklärung (CoC), EN149:2001 + A1:2009 inkl. Testreport
  • Verpackung: 50 Stk. / Box, 2000Stk. / Karton
  • Kartongröße: 31 x 39,5 x 52 cm
  • Gewicht: 8,45 kg / Karton
  • Lieferzeit: in der Regel 8 Werktage
Prices, delivery conditions on request.
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Protective mask unpacked.
Protective mask inside view
Protective masks in the box


Standard Protection Mask

Certified protective mask according to CE and FDA. 3-layer respiratory protection mask, BFE > = 95%, with nose clip. Individually adaptable for every face.
Further information, prices and delivery conditions on request.

KN95 / N95 Schutzmaske

  • Artikelnr.: 130-F010
  • Verpackung: 50 Stk. / Box, 40 Boxen / Karton, 2000 Stk. pro Karton
  • Karton: 31*39,5*52 cm
  • Gewicht: 8,45 kg / Karton
  • Nicht-wiederverwendbar (NR)
  • Mindestbestellmenge: 4.000 Stück
  • Zertifikate: FDA oder CE
  • Lieferzeit: in der Regel 8-10 Werktage

Preise, Lieferkonditionen auf Anfrage.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Protective mask adapted to face shape
Protective mask unpacked

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